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Serenity Beaches – Your Retreat Experience

Visit Haʻapai This Year

Our borders are open. We welcome you back to walk along deserted beaches, stroll through the rainforest, snorkel in crystal clear water, among beautiful coral, alongside schools of colorful fish...

Tonga is the destination of choice for thousands of people from countries all over the world. They come to enjoy the crystal-clear water, the deserted beaches, the close connection with nature, and the slower pace of life.

This is your year to explore!!! If you like hiking, ʻEua is your place.
If you like eating out at a different restaurant each night and seeing high cliffs rising from the sea, choose Vavaʻu.

However, if what you desire is peace, relaxation, deserted beaches, and a chance to reconnect with your family and yourself, Serenity Beaches, in Haʻapai, is the perfect choice.

The island of Uoleva has 10 km of white sand. A walk around the island takes about three hours and you will most likely not see another person. There is an opportunity for kite surfing at one end and opportunities for yoga, meditation, and massage at the other.

Treat yourself!!!

Trade your fast-paced busy life for total relaxation on a white sand beach, a campfire under the stars, and a walk on beautiful trails through the rainforest.

Now is the time to seize the day and feel the true essence of Tonga.

Haʻapai is the most relaxing spot in the South Pacific.

You have an exceptional opportunity to enjoy it this year.

Serenity is here waiting for you.

Watch the Serenity Videos

movie Living Ocean Yoga Tonga 2014

movie FreeDiving and Whale Encounters in Tonga

movie Aereal view from the ocean

movie Aereal view, hovering over the beach

movie Video of the Retreat Season at Serenity

movie Video of the Whale Season at Serenity

Uoleva was once listed by National Geographic as one of the top 10 island beach destinations in the world. Haʻapai was named, by Lonely Planet, as of the Top Ten Best in Travel Destinations for 2014. Click here to read the article.

Group Retreats

Are you looking for a place to hold your next retreat? Serenity is the ultimate natural getaway. The rooms are placed a distance from one another ensuring privacy. A large octagonal room is used for yoga, dance, and meditation. There are 6 miles of white sand uninhabited beach where you can find remoteness and tranquility, as well as a wonderful spot for a campfire under the stars or watching a beautiful South Pacific sunset. Our restaurant serves fantastic food and is an ideal place for classes, a mastermind, or a think tank.

Maybe it is time for you to bring your group to experience Serenity.

Make a booking using the Little Hotellier button below or contact us directly at or call +676 787 7777 to check availability.

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