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Journey to Serenity

Life hands us opportunities to reinvent ourselves! For me it came after six years of feeling something was missing but not having the courage to move forward. I took those years to develop strength, courage, and faith. I finally made the choice to change my life. I started over with no immediate financial support but a strong belief that I could find a way and do it.

Today many people are suddenly being handed the “opportunity” to start over with very little support or preparation. In some cases it is an opportunity to finally do what they have always wanted to do. I say “opportunity” because over the years I have come to constantly remind myself, “Another problem; another opportunity to grow.” My wish is that you may have the courage to see the challenges in your life as opportunities.

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authorMeet the author

Patti Ernst was born in Chicago. She attended Grinnell College in Iowa, got married, earned her BA in dance at Wayne State University in Michigan and her MEd at Georgia State University. She moved to Rochester, New York where she taught in public and private schools for over thirty years. When their children went to college, she and her husband moved to Canandaigua Lake in upstate New York. She has two daughters and four grandchildren.

In 1996, she moved to Alaska where she lived a life of skiing, hiking, rollerblading, camping, and enjoying the great outdoors. She continued teaching, studied to become a massage therapist, and eventually moved to Hawaii where, at age sixty, she became a massage therapist at the Hualali Spa at the Four Seasons on the Big Island.

After sailing as crew on a forty-five foot ketch for two and a half years, she arrived in Bali and purchased the materials to build a retreat in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific. At sixty-six, with the help of friends and family she built the resort that has come to be known as Serenity. Today, at 80, she realizes this journey has helped her develop strength, courage, and faith and she has just published her first book.

Now also available:

The companion to Journey to Serenity. In here Patti actually explains how she did do it.

Reviews (for Journey to Serenity)

I found Patti’s story full of wisdom that can only come from one’s self-awareness, curiosity, adventurous spirit, and bravery in the face of fear. I’m so grateful that Patti so openly shared her story. Patti’s desire to write a book isn’t geared toward her ego. It’s primary focus envelopes you as a mother’s hung can cure your worst cold and make you feel the world is your oyster and alright. Michael

This is a book to be picked up often, and kept close at hand for those moments when encouragement, and courage, is needed----the author’s words of wisdom as well as those of many, many others, well-known and less-known, are myriad. She has lived more adventures and varieties of lifestyles than any person might imagine, much less live. Her leaps into the unknown are awe-inspiring. Her message----Listen to Your Own Message. The eventual establishment of her South Sea Island paradise, aptly named Serenity, brings all of it together, and the fact that it is a success gives its own blessing. Fun, exciting, romantic, emotional, suspenseful and inspiring, all at the same time. Those who read The Journey to Serenity will find many treasures to remember. Richard and Kathy

This book is your new best friend. It will inspire you to go after that dream you’ve always wanted no matter what age you may be. Patti has lived an extraordinary life simply by being brave enough to follow her heart. Beautifully written, the chapters guide you through her journey and gift you with uplifting lessons from a woman who at almost 80 still runs the resort she built on an island in Tonga. If you’ve ever been afraid of leaving a situation that no longer serves you, please read this book. You will see yourself in these pages, and Patti’s advice will give you the courage to finally discover who you were meant to be. Erin L. Matlock

A wonderul, inspiring book filled with wisdom, stories and encouragement to remind you that you are never to old to experience adventure and follow new passions or interests. Patti is amazing! I have recommended it to others and am purchasing it as gifts. Melissa Wolak MS CCC-SLP

Read this book cover to cover in about an hour. It was extremely empowering. I’ve bookmarked certain pages for future reflection. I’ll be sending it to my stepdaughter this week in the hopes that it will help her get through some challenging times that she’s currently experiencing. Thank you, Patti, for sharing your journey to serenity with all of us. KIM

I really loved reading this book. It is empowering for all women, especially women over 50. It gave me the insight that life is not over at 50, but the second (best) chapter is only beginning. Make your own choices! This book is an easy to read story about a woman who made these choices after 50 with strength, courage and faith. Maria de Rooij

Loved this book. Great inspiration for any age but especially someone in there 40’s, 50’s or 60’s who thinks they are too late to do something they have always wanted to do. Patti shows with her own life that it is never ever too late and she is living proof. A great read to give you the kick you need to get on and do that thing you have always dreamt of. T Woodcock

Journey to Serenity is a wonderful book, I devoured it in a day. Patti Ernst generously shares her brave journey and the lessons learned along the way. The book is filled with warmth and wisdom and will inspire you to look at life differently. Thank you Patti !! Anita