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Rates & Accommodations

Welcome to Serenity Beaches. We are located on a remote uninhabited island in the Haʻapai island group, just a 30 minute flight north of the capital city, in The Kingdom of Tonga. Serenity is far from the distractions and pace of the 21st century — a perfect place to reconnect with nature, your loved ones, and yourself.

Serenity is and Eco-Retreat. Water is collected as gentle rain falls from the sky. Electricity is collected from the sun. Most food is bought from local farmers and fisherman. Food is prepared as much as possible from fresh, un-processed, ingredients. The menu changes daily depending on what the local farmers and fishermen have to offer. We strive to produce healthy meals that energize and inspire with a South Pacific flare. We welcome vegetarians and can accommodate most dietary needs including gluten free and dairy free options.

Every fale is located, among the trees, on a white sandy beach, providing a truly peaceful, private, and relaxing beach experience.

Our wooden octagonal fales have a beautiful ocean view. They have half walls and shades that allow you to fully open all sides to nature. Each has its own bathroom and garden shower.

Our wooden fales have a lovely ocean view porch, a sleeping room with a queen bed on the main floor, a double bed in a loft, and a bathroom with a garden shower.

Our concrete fales have walls, very large windows, ocean view porches and bathrooms with garden showers.

Our large wooden fales can accommodate a family of up to five people on the main floor. They come with ocean view porches and bathroom with garden showers.

All rooms can be opened to capture tropical breezes and are set far enough apart to ensure privacy.

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Concern over COVID will keep the borders closed another year.

Plan your trip in the Kingdom before the crowds from overseas, missing their yearly trips, come flooding back and the prices go back up. Walk along deserted beaches, stroll through the rainforest, snorkel in crystal clear water among beautiful coral alongside schools of colorful fish.

SPECIAL COVID prices are way under half price and are in effect from now until the borders open.

Fale prices are per day, in Tongan Paʻanga, and are the same for one or two people. There is an additional charge of 20 paʻanga for each additional person per day.

WiFi coffee/tea/snacks, you sound snorkel equipment, kayaks, paddle boards included.

USUAL prices (all amounts in USD per day)

Other rates (all amounts in USD per person)

*Low Season is from November 1st - June 1st

Want to make a booking? You could do that through Little Hotelier or go to our contacts page.