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Haʻapai, Tonga

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Welcome to Serenity Beaches, a beachfront resort on a remote uninhabited island. Located in the Haʻapai Island group of Tonga, with only five secluded fales, Serenity Beaches provides a truly peaceful, private and relaxing experience. Uoleva island is a unique spot in the world for it’s beauty and tranquility. Totally surrounded by sand, it takes a few hours to walk around and explore. Serenity is far from the distractions of the 21st century and is a perfect spot to reconnect with nature, your loved ones, and yourself.

This island hideaway is a place where you can slip out of your shoes and into a bathing suit or sarong and leave cars and television behind. It is for those who would enjoy sitting under the stars, eating by candlelight, visiting ancient stone mounds, snorkeling in crystal clear water, kayaking to a distant shore, listening to locals play and sing traditional songs, swimming with whales or manta rays, having a drink on the beach at sunset, reading a book in a beach hammock, surfing on your own private break, receiving a relaxing massage, or walking for hours on the beach and seeing no one.

The buildings, made of Indonesia hardwood, have a pacific island beach feel. Water is collected as gentle rain falls from the sky. Electricity is collected from the sun. Most food is bought from local farmers and fisherman.

This is a place for families, explorers, honeymooners, and adventurers -- those wishing to escape stress, relax, recharge and restore appreciation of life’s simple pleasures.


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